Boston Residential Exemption for Fiscal Year 2018


If you own a home in Boston, you know that the city offers a residential exemption to homeowners who occupy their property as the principal residence. This residential exemption reduces the tax bill by exempting a portion of the property value from taxation.

This year, the City of Boston is doing things a little differently. If you received a letter from the Boston Assessing Department regarding your residential exemption for fiscal year 2018 and didn't bother reading past "Application" thinking you'd already filed one, you may want to go back for a second look. A new rule requires residents to fill out an application even if they have received and filed one in the past. Something to take note of, considering last year qualified homeowners saved $2,432.91 on their tax bill.

"Every taxpayer in the city of Boston who owns residential property as of January 1, 2017, and uses that property as his or her principal residence for their calendar year 2017 Massachusetts income taxes, may be eligible for the Fiscal Year 2018 residential exemption.

In order to receive the residential exemption for Fiscal Year 2018, you must complete this application and return it to the Assessing Department even if you have received it in the past. If your application is not received, your residential exemption will be removed."

To Qualify:

The owner must have occupied their property as the principal residence on January 1, 2017.

Filing Deadline 

April 2, 2018 (or three (3) months after the third quarter or actual tax bills are mailed, if later.)"

How to Apply

Application forms are available: