South End Developments

Plans to renovate the space underneath I-93 between Albany Street in the South End and Broadway Station in South Boston were first discussed in October of 2013.

Since then, MassDOT and GTI Properties went full speed ahead, developing a lot and pedestrian walkway that was completed early this year.

The lot, known as the "I-93 Viaduct", seems to be the answer to residents’ prayers and a more beneficial use of an area previously used for storage.

The creative minds at Landing Studio, a Somerville-based architectural design studio, designed and installed artistic light fixtures that both keep the area safe and beautiful—a smart move by MassDOT to provide a better atmosphere for residents, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Various themes will appear throughout the year. Most recently, the underside of the expressway was lit up with shamrocks to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day.

But the viaduct wasn’t built just as a work of public art; it’s also going to provide parking for the community.

Here’s what we know:

  • Phase 1 of the development will consist of 235 parking spaces available 24/7. Of those spaces:
  • about 60 spaces will be dedicated for Pine Street Inn
  • 15 spaces will be specifically for Zipcar
  • 12 spaces will be saved for electric vehicles
  • Overnight parking will be available to South End, South Boston, Chinatown residents with residential parking permit stickers.
  • Bike cages will also be installed to hold up to 23 bicycles.

Our very own Barrie Stavis, buyer specialist, had this to say about the I-93 underpass:

“All of the activity happening in the southeast corner of the South End is very exciting. With Sepia, Ink Block, Troy Boston, added parking, and pedestrian connections, this corner of the neighborhood is going to be completely refreshed," said Barrie. "I'm glad they are putting this empty space under the highway to good use.”

According the the MassDOT blog, Phase 2 of the I-93 viaduct project is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year and will include about 200 additional parking spots. Great news for South End car owners!