Residents of Boston: Meet Nicole Vilcina

The following is an excerpt from our Fall 2015 South End Stakeholders' Report, a report on the state of the South End real estate market and a glimpse into life in our neighborhood. You can download the full report here.

Left to right: Briana Horton and Nicole Vilcina.

Left to right: Briana Horton and Nicole Vilcina.

Born and raised in the Bahamas, Nicole Vilcina moved to the U.S. when she was only seven. She's lived on Dartmouth Street since the late '80s and is an active member of the South End community.

Like many entrepreneurial Bostonians, Nicole is involved in the startup scene. She works with tech companies developing mobile apps, and dreams of a networking and communications startup of her own. Her true passion, however, is in giving back to the South End community she loves.

Nicole volunteers her time and talents at several local organizations, including Our Lady of Victory, New England Baptist Hospital, the Boston Housing Authority, and the Boston City Council. Using her unique skillset, she translates between English and Creole, and teaches computer literacy and English as a second language.

What Nicole likes most about our neighborhood is the diversity and the sense of community that South Enders feel. "People who moved into the neighborhood left something behind," she said. "They improved the community and made sure it remained inclusive."

Nicole's dedication and love for the South End have inspired her 22-year-old niece, Briana Horton, to follow in her aunt's footsteps. Briana teaches computer literacy to children at the South End Technology Center and hopes to move into the neighborhood soon.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys gardening, which reminds her of her parents and growing up in the Bahamas. You may also catch her riding her bike, rollerblading, and going for evening walks around the neighborhood. 

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