Spotlight On: Anastasia Yefremova

Anastasia Yefremova is part of the Steven Cohen Team marketing department. She grew up in Bulgaria and moved to the U.S. in 2008 for college, the first of her family to attend a 4-year higher education institution. She followed up a Bachelor's degree in Communication and East Asian studies with a Master's in Journalism. If that isn't enough, she also speaks six languages.

Landing her job with the Steven Cohen Team was pure kismet for Anastasia. "I was working the front desk at the Emerson College Department of Journalism when Steven called," she said. "He was looking for a writer for what is now known as the South End Stakeholders' Report. I jumped at the opportunity and the rest is history."

Anastasia's responsibilities quickly expanded, as her job description took shape around her unique skillset. Today, her duties include spearheading major marketing campaigns (including direct mail pieces and the seasonal Stakeholder Reports), preparing property brochures for open houses and private showings, and managing the Steven Cohen Team blog and social media channels.

In her free time, Anastasia enjoys cooking. "It's my favorite way to de-stress, baking especially. Making delicious things to share with people can be incredibly therapeutic." And as long as she keeps bringing in freshly-baked scones, the entire team completely supports this form of catharsis.


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