Quantum Leap Workshop Teaches Youth How to Create Deliberate Success

The following is an excerpt from our Spring 2016 South End Stakeholders' Report, a report on the state of the South End real estate market and a glimpse into life in our neighborhood. You can download the full report here.

QL: A World-Changer Mindset Workshop Makes Its Boston Debut

Last November, QL: A World-Changer Mindset — a revolutionary new professional- and self-improvement workshop for young adults — was held in Boston for the first time. Based on coursework originally developed for adults by Keller Williams founder Gary Keller, the revised material has been adapted for people between the ages of 18 and 24. The course was presented by Steven Cohen, who serves on the advisory board for Keller Williams Kids Can, a nonprofit that leverages the incredible success of KW by bringing the company’s strengths in education and training to the next generation of world leaders. By focusing on the science of success, the foundation of entrepreneurship, and the importance of philanthropy, the workshop teaches attendees how to develop their own sense of purpose, maximize productivity, and realize their full potential.

“While we recognize that certain traits in people make them more likely to succeed, we often view success itself as a random occurrence,” Steven said. “However, there is a science behind that success and it is largely determined by the skills we acquire, the habits we form, the disciplines we keep, and the models we follow.” Steven also urged attendees to accept failure as a productive part of success, stressed the importance of good role models, and emphasized the value of carefully and intentionally choosing where and how they apply themselves.

The workshop attracted a bright, diverse group with a number of goals. Some were seeking personal development and improved organizational skills. Others sought to gain business knowledge and a global perspective. One attendee said the course came just in time, since she wanted to start her own business by the end of the year. Another said she was pleasantly surprised by the casual tone of the course, which got her thinking about prioritizing and balancing academics with her social life. A participant in an exchange program from Argentina came to observe how business works in the U.S. All of them felt that they left with something of value.

What QL Attendees are Saying

Best class I've ever taken. A game-changer.
A great reminder of what truly matters in life.
Very educational (even entertaning!). Steven connects with us on a personal level.

If you or a young person you care about missed this potentially life-changing opportunity for a better future, no need to worry. QL: A World-Changer Mindset will be offered again this May 21. If you’ve already attended once before, we would encourage you to sign up again — each workshop is as different and unique as the group that attends it. So join the conversation and see where it takes you!

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