A South End Renovation Story: Tracy and Bertil's Condominium

When Tracy and Bertil Jean-Chronberg came across a spacious, single-floor condominium at 325 Columbus Avenue that looked like it had not been touched since the ‘80s, they didn’t hesitate for a second. As developers driven by a passion for combining refined design with everyday practicality, the couple was on the hunt for their next project. “We didn’t want something recently renovated that we would have to tear out to make our own,” Tracy said. “With this property, we had a lot of flexibility. We were able to open walls, create an open living space for the whole family, add large closets for boots and coats, a welcome area, and a big kitchen perfect for entertainment.”


Kitchen design in collaboration with Carrig Kitchens, LLC.


Tracy comes from a graphic design background, but has always loved working in 3D, and both her and Bertil’s families have a history in design. The couple built houses in Mississippi before moving to the Boston area, but their love for their work comes through in everything that they do. “We’re always looking for something unique, but practical,” Tracy said. “We want to add style and enhance the overall design, but still have a livable space.” For their project at 325 Columbus Avenue, they added a convenient powder room with a leather accents to give the space a touch of extra warmth. The Jean-Chronbergs are willing to spend the extra money to make something that doesn’t just look better, but works better.

The renovation took seven and a half months from start to finish and came with plenty of surprises. Once walls started coming down, the couple discovered an unexpected beam, which prevented them from opening the living room completely. Always ready to make lemonade out of life’s lemons, they added left a partial wall around the beam and built a pantry into it. Such creative problem-solving is part of the Jean-Chronbergs’ “practical livability” aesthetic, clearly seen in their work at 325 Columbus Avenue.