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Blog :: 2013

All About Decks

If a roof deck or rear deck is on your wish list for your South End home, watch this video to learn about how a deck could impact the property price tag. Also, is it worth it to add a deck, to increase the value of your real [...]

Bostonians: Get Ready for Moving Day!

It's almost September 1, and we all know what that means...It's moving day in Boston!

Whether you're moving or not, you’ve probably noticed the annual invasion of U-Hauls, trailers, and double-parked cars piled high with boxsprings and dressers.

Do you have street parking in Boston? This weekend is a good weekend to get out of town or


South End Investment Property Owners Face New Landlord Ordinance

In 2012, the Boston City Council passed an ordinance that requires all rental apartments to be registered with the city.

The original target date for registration had been set at August 1st but sluggish response prompted the city to stretch the deadline to August 31st, 2013.

What does this mean for South End real estate owners?

If you own and occupy your home, there is no requirement to register your [...]

Let's Talk About Loans: Jumbo vs. Conventional

This might surprise you but lately Jumbo loans are looking more attractive to some borrowers than conventional loans. Steven teases out the reasons why in this video:


Most people are aware that there are a couple of options out there in the mortgage market in terms of the types of loans you can pursue: a conforming loan or a jumbo [...]