Pet of the Week

This partnership between the Steven Cohen Team and the Animal Rescue League of Boston highlights animals looking for a forever home. Every week we bring you new furry, scaly, of feathery potential family members. If you think any of these animals are the right fit for your home, plan to visit them today. For more information about adoptable animals, contact the Animal Rescue League at (617) 426-9170 or visit their website.

Boston Animal Care & Adoption Center

10 Chandler Street, Boston MA 02116 

Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 1-6:30PM 

Closed: Mondays and Holidays


Meet Binx!

Binx is an 8 year old neutered male cat who was surrendered to us because his previous owners were allergic.

Binx has lived with another cat in the past, and may possibly do well with another cat in the future. Here at ARL Binx has taken some time to warm up and show us his true personality but he has been becoming increasingly friendly the more he settles in. He has blossomed into an affectionate head bumper and an occasional lap cat. Binx is a chatty cat who really loves to talk and will keep good company! Binx enjoys long naps, neck scratches, and the occasional cat nip adventure. Binx would likely do best in an adult only home. Stop by our Boston Adoption Center to meet him today!


Meet Chloe

Chloe is a very sweet older gal, she is a 7-year-old labrador mix. But don't let her gray face fool you! Her peppered muzzle is just some cosmetic spice! Chloe is super nice and is very active, always asking to go out on walks. She loves to hangout and relax but is never happier than when she is out on the town, walking around. She prefers not to do any extraneous running or hiking but truly loves nice long walks in the park or maybe even on the beach.

Chloe is super energetic at times and has a tendency to be very vocal when she is stressed out. She was always talking to the staff here at the shelter, but now that she is in a foster home and has settled in, she has a lot less to say. Being an older gal, Chloe likes to have her own space at times, but has shown herself to be quite cuddly and affectionate once she is comfortable with you. Chloe is looking for a quiet household that will love joining her on walks and will let her do her thing while at the same time enjoy listening to her talk to you about anything and everything.


Meet Blue

Blue came to us along with her mother and siblings. They have grown up in our care and they are hoping to get the chance to move out of their childhood home and explore the world. If you think you would be willing to help Blue branch out and see the world, stop by anytime! Blue is currently being housed with her two sisters, Green & Purple, who are also cute brown-colored mice. Mouse adoption fees are only $5 each, Blue can go home alone or with her sisters if you’d like to take them all!

Mice need a large enough enclosure to give them space to move around, some type of enclosure to hide/sleep in, toys such as small wooden blocks, water, a recycled paper litter and mouse food. A ten gallon tank is perfect for housing. They should get daily socialization to help them get used to humans- with time many can become quite friendly and social with people! They should also get plenty of exercise, either with a ball or wheel. A picture of the habitat you plan on using is required to be shown to the adoption agent before you take Blue home.

Steven Cohen Team Pet oft he Week Macy.jpg

Meet Macy

A potential binge-watching companion! Here at the shelter, Macy is always up for a visit. She'll prance around and rub on your legs as you pet her. In her previous home, Macy enjoyed sitting on the couch with her person. She lived in a quiet home, and we think that her new home should also be a quiet, adult-only home. Macy enjoys chin, cheek, and head scratches. In fact, when we pet her head, she'll purr in happiness. Macy also greatly enjoys playing with feather toys. Macy was recently shaved because of severe matting, so right now she looks like she's wearing apres-ski boots. :) It will be important for her new owner to occasionally brush Macy to prevent the mats from returning. Macy will also need to be put on a diet to get back her girlish figure.

  • Age: 8-year-old spayed female

  • Reason at shelter: owner health

  • Compatibility: cats/dogs unknown

  • Likes: lounging, playing with feather toys


Meet Yellowstone

Yellowstone is a rambunctious young man who loves to dig and hop and run around. He would love to have large space with plenty of places to explore and play, while at the same time having plenty of areas to use as a litter box. He may not be the best at using his box right not, he is a fast learner and has shown us as much.

Rabbit care is fairly easy to learn. Rabbits need an enclosure that is at least three times as long as their bodies and ideally twice their body length wide. The enclosure should be tall enough that the rabbit can stretch upwards and not touch the top with their ears. If the cage has a wire bottom, it must be covered with cardboard or paper liners. Ideally avoid sheets and towels as some rabbits chew on and ingest the fibers which can be fatal. They need access to clean hay and water at all times and should have a ration of rabbit grain every day and an un-chewable ceramic or glass bowl to eat out of. They can learn to urinate and defecate in a litter box with time so provide them with one filled with absorbent, soft bedding that is big enough for them to fit their entire body. Rabbits need several hours a day of exercise outside of their cage. They need to be able to stretch their limbs, run and hop and tire themselves out every day. This keeps them physically and mentally healthy and stops them from being destructive out of boredom. You can let them free roam in your home under your supervision, but make sure to keep them away from wires as they will chew them and could electrocute themselves. Many people set up an X Pen play area and move all the rabbits amenities into it for play time. Some cheap toy ideas are cardboard boxes, (without tape), toilet paper rolls, paper towel roles, crumpled plain paper, cereal boxes, phone books and any other paper/cardboard items you aren't using anymore. All rubber and plastic items pose a danger as rabbits may chew and ingest them. The possibilities for rabbit enrichment are endless and it's easy to do!


Meet Papa

Papa is a 7-year-old neutered beagle mix. This older guy is an amazing bundle of energy and lazy all in one. He loves to curl up on a nice comfy blanket, but also loves to go on long walks with plenty to smell. This awesome dog has really stolen our hearts; he loves to meet people and other dogs. He would do well with an active family who will help him continue his weight loss journey!

Come meet the boy that has stolen our hearts, and probably will steal yours too.

Papa is a wonderful dog that is looking for his perfect match. His perfect match is someone who will him the love and attention he needs. Papa has been started on some medication to make him a little more comfortable, so we would love for his new adopter to be able to take on the continued veterinary management that Papa may need in the future.


Meet Juniper

This is a wonderful guinea pig who came in with his two brothers Juarez & Cocoa. They are looking for their forever home where they can go home in pairs, all together, or at least to another male guinea pig already in your home. They really love meal time and especially their salad! The way to these piggies' hearts will definitely be through some fresh vegetables!

We'll need to see a picture of the guinea pig habitat that these pigs will live in. They'll need a large enough enclosure to give them space to move around. At minimum a single guinea pig should have 2 feet by 4 feet of floor space. And to add to it, provide lofts with ramps for added space. Make sure the floor of the cage is covered if its a wire-bottom cage. Guinea pigs need grain, hay and fresh fruits/veggies every day. They need a secure hiding house, (you can use a store bought plastic one or a cardboard box), litter box with soft bedding, and plenty of enrichment and toys. Never give rubber or soft plastic to guinea pigs. Only give them safe to chew wood items or various cardboard items from around the house, (toilet paper rolls, paper bags, etc). They also need gentle handling to help them get used to people. There are many ways to design a guinea pig enclosure and if you want ideas, feel free to visit and have a staff member walk you through it.


Meet Peppercorn

A spicy name for a spicy gal! Peppercorn is a two-year-old giant rabbit. She may be big, but her personality is even bigger! At a whopping 13 pounds, Peppercorn is not afraid to throw her weight around. Peppercorn is very fastidious when it comes to keeping a clean "house." If you try to move her things around too much, she'll let you know she's unhappy by grunting and nibbling your sneakers! Naturally she also has excellent litterbox habits.

A rabbit like Peppercorn needs a lot of space in order to be happy and healthy. While she could be housed in an exercise pen, she will still need ample time to hop around the house. This big personality cannot be caged!

If you're looking for a furry roommate who will always keep you laughing, come into our Boston shelter and meet Peppercorn today!


Meet Bruce

Bruce is a Cuban tree frog who hitched a ride here from Florida on a shipment of flowers to a local florist. Since he was in good shape, he has gone up for adoption and is currently being housed at the Petsmart in Cambridge. We need to see a photo of the tank/habitat that he will be living in prior to going home. His adoption fee is $10.

A 15-20 gallon tank at about 40-60% humidity will suit. Cuban tree frogs grow to 5 inches. They don’t really enjoy being held and taken out of their cage and will attempt to slip out of your hands and escape. Keep handling short and wash your hands well. A Cuban tree frog will eat crickets, has a large appetite, and should be fed as much as it will eat in 15-20 minutes three times a week.


Meet Jojo

Jojo is a quiet, sweet, and affectionate lady who is looking for her forever home. She is a petite 4 year old spayed female boxer mix. Jojo loves being with her people, she enjoys cuddling, hanging out watching TV, and getting attention and petting from her people. She will do anything within her power to make sure she is never alone. She would do best in a home where someone will always be home with her or if she can go to work with her new owner. Going to doggy day care may also be a good option for someone who works, to limit the amount of time she will be left alone. Jojo suffers from severe separation anxiety and will likely need anti-anxiety medication as well as routine and structure for the rest of her life to build her confidence and reduce her anxiety. Jojo is the kind of dog who will warm you lap and brighten your heart.

If you think your lifestyle fits the needs of Jojo and you think she might be a good fit for your home, please visit our Boston Adoption Center to meet her!


Meet Marylin

Marilyn is a spunky lady who has just started to find her voice here in our shelter. When she first came in, she was very scared and nervous around everyone. In the short month she's been with ARL and our fosters, she has grown tremendously! We are still working with her on her willingness to engage with people of her own accord, and she has already made great progress, approaching the front of her kennel to say hello when people walk by. We quickly learned that she loves to be around other dogs, and gains a ton of confidence when she has a canine friend; she would love to go home to another dog to help her continue to build her confidence. We think Marilyn would be best suited to an adult-only home with owners who are experienced with working with nervous, shy dogs and have a lot of time and patience to devote to working with her!

If you think this sweet lady is the right fit for your home, please plan a visit to our shelter today!


Meet Jill

Jill is a 13 year old female Silky Terrier. She had one eye removed due to a medical issue. Jill originally came from a home with quite a few other dogs which was likely overwhelming for her. She is an independent girl that is not interested in cuddling but loves to listen to you speak. Jill will take time to warm up to new people and sudden movement can make her very nervous.

Jill is an easy keeper - quiet and pee pad trained. She enjoys leisurely walks. Jill would do best in quiet home without children, preferably where someone will be home with her most of the day.

If you are looking for an easy going, low maintenance companion that appreciates space, Jill would love to spend her retirement with you. If you think she sounds like a good fit please give our Boston branch a call to arrange a meeting.

**Please Note** Jill is in a foster home and arrangements will need to be made to meet with her.

Bay bay.JPG

Meet Bay Bay

This beautiful spayed 11- year-old adores petting. She also is always up for chin and cheek scratches, and she ADORES brushing. This kitty will even rub her face on your and snuggle! Bay Bay might even drool a little when you pet her and she gently pats you with her paw as if to say, "Keep Going!"

Bay Bay loves attention and would gladly help her new person work on the computer and watch Netflix marathons. This beautiful lady would do fine as an only cat in her new forever home. She's a delight, so if you meet her, you may fall in love!


Meet Oriole

Oriole was surrendered to the shelter when her owner became ill. She lived in a quiet, adult-only home with no other pets. Despite her background, Oriole has adjusted well here and does not seem put off by lots of people visiting her, or by the cats that she can see and smell. In fact, if you visit with her, Oriole will happily let you scoop her up and hold her on your shoulder - she seems to like being held this way and will relax and purr. She likes to be brushed, and has a playful side as well.


Meet Bella

Bella is a 2 year old spayed female ferret who came here where her previous owner was moving and could not find housing that would allow Bella to move with them. She is a pretty mellow yet playful ferret who is looking for a fresh start. The ideal family for her would be someone who has previous experience with ferrets. Though Bella enjoys handling, she can sometimes get a bit excited and give you love nibbles, so we want to find someone who is confident with ferrets and has the time to train her to have better manners. In order to adopt Bella, we will need to see a photo of the cage you plan to house her in before we can send her home with you. If you think Bella sounds like a good fit for your home, stop by and meet her at our Boston Adoption Center.


Meet Darla

Darla is a 3 y/o gray pit bull mix looking for a forever home! She’s sweet and loves any attention she can get! She enjoys playing fetch, going on walks, and belly rubs. Darla can be a bit dog selective at times and may not get along with other dogs. Since Darla can play a little rough at times and doesn’t always like to share her things, she would do best as an only pet in an adult only home or one with older kids/teens.


Meet Linus

Linus is a 7 year old beagle looking a family to call his own! Linus loves playing outside, going on walks, and hanging out with all the staff! Linus can be a bit nervous when it comes to meeting new people but with time will warm up to you very quickly! He also can be a bit jumpy when excited so a home with older kids would be suit him. Linus can also be a door dasher with his kennel do so basic obedience training may help with that. This fun loving beagle would love to be the newest member of your family!


Meet Sprinkles

Sprinkles is a 3 year old Australian cattle dog with a lot of love to give! This sweet girl is very active and loves running around the play yard chasing as many tennis balls as she can! Sprinkles originally came from a lot of farm land and is still not yet acclimated to the city sounds. She tends to be very skittish when going on walks and tries to run the opposite way when she hears loud car noises. Sprinkles is also dog selective when it comes to her play mates, and doesn't always get along with every dog. She would definitely do best in a quiet but active home with older kids and adults.


Meet Bear

Bear is a 2 year old neutered mastiff mix looking for his forever home! Bear is super sweet and loves snuggling up as close as he can to you! He used to live on lots of land so the city sounds are still very new to him. Despite his fear with loud noises, he loves chasing squirrels and any other small creatures that come his way. Overall Bear loves being around people and will certainly make his way into your heart!


Meet Gertie

Miss Gertie is a wonderful, 11-year-old little mixed breed lady with a whole lot of love to give! She loves to play tug, go for walks, and snuggle in for pats. We think that she would do fine with another small dog or cats. Gertie can be a bit fearful of strangers, so she needs a patient home who will help her when meeting new people. We recommend Gertie go to a home with older children, as this senior girl is searching for a quiet home to call her own.

zoey and aiden.jpg

Meet Aiden and Zoey

Aiden and Zoey are a bonded pair of pups who are searching for a home together. Aiden is a 6-year-young male Chihuahua mix and Zoey is a 10-year-young female Rat Terrier mix. They're both super friendly and are even cat-compatible! They were house dogs in their previous home and were paper trained rather than being house trained, so they'll need a good schedule in their next home to help them learn. Zoey and Aiden would prefer to live in a quieter home with no small children.


Meet Dahlia

Dahlia came to us after her owner died. She's a bit shy in the shelter -- which is no surprise -- but warms up quickly. Dahlia is a big girl with teeny tiny feet! Sit down and spend just a minute with this gentle gal and she'll flop right over for full body petting. And if you dare to stop, she'll headbutt you a couple of times to remind you to pick up the pace. Truly, this girl is a delight. She's even compatible with dogs and other cats.


Meet Amira

Amira is a sweet and snuggly active young lady, about 7 years old. She is a fetch professional and walks well on an EZ walk harness. She coexists peacefully with calm dogs, but doesn't appreciate overly exuberant dogs getting in her face. We do not know if she has had direct experience with cats, but from observation, she may be able to learn to leave them alone. She loves tennis balls and when you have one, she will immediately want to go to a play yard for fetch time. When she is tired and content, she will cuddle up next to you and enjoy a nice back scratch. She is used to the car, appears to be housebroken and is very well treat motivated which should make advancing her training easy.


Meet Chelsea

Chelsea is a dainty 3-year-old spayed female cat who will always look like a kitten. She is a sweet natured, affectionate little girl with just a touch of shyness at first. She loves being petted, brushed and loved.


Meet Zelda

Zelda is a 7-year-old spayed female whippet mix. She is as sweet as pie!! She is house-trained and knows her basic cues. Her preferred playmates are small dogs so she would benefit going home either without any dogs or a small dog that she can zoom around with! If you’re looking for a sweet middle aged lady come in and meet Zelda today!


Meet Triscuit

Triscuit is a 1-year-old spayed female shepherd mix. She is a sweet and goofy girl. She is a good playmate and could go home with another dog with the same play style as her. She was transferred from another local shelter so would benefit from house-training and a dog training class. Come on in and meet TRISCUIT today! ARL Boston offers dog training classes for all ages beginner to advanced. We do offer a 25% discount to adopters!