Pet of the Week

This partnership between the Steven Cohen Team and the Animal Rescue League of Boston highlights animals looking for a forever home. Every week we bring you new furry, scaly, of feathery potential family members. If you think any of these animals are the right fit for your home, plan to visit them today. For more information about adoptable animals, contact the Animal Rescue League at (617) 426-9170 or visit their website.

Boston Animal Care & Adoption Center

10 Chandler Street, Boston MA 02116 

Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 1-6:30PM 

Closed: Mondays and Holidays


Meet Boston!

Boston is a 7 Month Old Black Pit-Mix who was surrendered to ARL for being too active. Boston is an energetic pup who loves everyone. Given his youth, Boston is still working on his housebreaking and will benefit from being on a regular routine and schedule.

Boston is super energetic and has not met anyone he does not want to play with! He does likes to jump on everyone when he meets and can become overly playful if not re-directed. At times, Boston can play a bit rough so he would do best with experienced and active owner. Boston would greatly benefit from dog training, regular exercise and play.


Meet Momma!

Momma is a gorgeous orange lady, which aren't so common as most orange tabby cats are boys. In her previous home, Momma was friendly with her whole family - one of her favorite things is to have her head scratched. At 13 years young, Momma has spent her whole life in a quiet home, so understandably, loud noises are scary for Momma. Therefore, she is happily hanging out in our Feline Suite, where she has lots of places to lounge away from the busy Adoption Center. Momma lived with other animals (both dogs and cats) but was timid around them, so we think she'd prefer to be the only pet. Understandably, this little lady is timid with strangers, but go slow with her and you'll win her love. It may take a little while for Momma to show her true colors, but she's absolutely worth the effort!

If you've got the relaxing retirement home this little wallflower is seeking, please stop by to meet her!


Meet Blue!

How handsome is this big gorgeous boy! Blue is a 6-year-old pittie with a heart as big as his head. He's strong and athletic yet sensitive and sweet-the perfect guy! This pup is just as happy going on an adventure as he is snuggling on the sofa.

Unlike some tough guys that are afraid to share their feelings, Blue is more than happy to express his love to you! So happy, in fact, that he'd like to jump up on you! He may do better in a family without tiny kids, only because they're so easy to knock over. Blue has been friendly with the dogs here in the shelter, so he might not mind having a canine roommate!