Pet of the Week

This partnership between the Steven Cohen Team and the Animal Rescue League of Boston highlights animals looking for a forever home. Every week we bring you new furry, scaly, of feathery potential family members. If you think any of these animals are the right fit for your home, plan to visit them today. For more information about adoptable animals, contact the Animal Rescue League at (617) 426-9170 or visit their website.

Boston Animal Care & Adoption Center

10 Chandler Street, Boston MA 02116 

Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 1-6:30PM 

Closed: Mondays and Holidays


Meet Blue!

How handsome is this big gorgeous boy! Blue is a 6-year-old pittie with a heart as big as his head. He's strong and athletic yet sensitive and sweet-the perfect guy! This pup is just as happy going on an adventure as he is snuggling on the sofa.

Unlike some tough guys that are afraid to share their feelings, Blue is more than happy to express his love to you! So happy, in fact, that he'd like to jump up on you! He may do better in a family without tiny kids, only because they're so easy to knock over. Blue has been friendly with the dogs here in the shelter, so he might not mind having a canine roommate!


Meet Mister!

Mister came to us due to his previous owner’s allergies. Mister is a dignified guy who seems shy at first. But he readily sniffs hands offered to him then leans in for petting. In just a few minutes he'll be belly up and making air biscuits! How cute is that?! Once he warms up to you he will head-bump you all over, and loves company, especially during meal times. Mister will need a bit of time to settle into his new home, but we think he'll quickly become a loving and affectionate companion. Stop by our Boston Adoption Center to meet him today!


Meet Rufus!

This gorgeous blue pit mix is Rufus! At 7 years old, this guy still has plenty of pep in his step, but is more than happy to settle once the fun is over. He's been happily learning new tricks here at the shelter and loves to work for food! Rufus is also an expert snuggler, and will curl up right next to you and promptly fall asleep. Don't let his mellow nature fool you, though--this guy loves to run, play and go for walks. His leash manners are great and he's even good around other dogs--the perfect adventure buddy!

Like all sensible gentleman, Rufus has a sensitive side. We don't know much about his previous life, but it's likely that he wasn't exposed to very many different things; as a result he's sometimes afraid of new places, objects or people. Luckily he's very quick to warm up, especially when treats are involved! A little time and some tasty cookies and this guy will be the confident social butterfly we know he can be! While Rufus is friendly with people, he is a big boy, so he may do best with adults or older children--little ones are so easy to knock over! He's also a very passionate chaser of small critters, so would likely not do well in a home with cats!

If you've been searching for the perfect companion to tag along on adventures by day and to snuggle up in bed at night, Rufus is your guy. Come meet him at our Boston shelter today!