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Review Talking Points

Thank you for your willingness to post an online review detailing your experience working with our team. One of the major drivers of success online is having great reviews and we are so grateful that you are taking the time out of your busy schedule to provide one.

The two sites for which we are seeking to obtain reviews are Yelp and Zillow, so posting a review on one or both would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to relay your experience with us in as much detail as you would like. Below are some points you may wish to consider as you prepare your review:

  • Brevity is fine as your testimonial can be comprised of just a few sentences. 
  • Address how the SCT overcame objections in the context of your testimonial. (Example: “I was concerned about working with a team rather that an individual, but I soon realized that the quality of the service I was to receive far better than what I could ever receive from a sole agent.”)
  • Make your testimonial "evergreen" by not referring to specific dates.
  • Offer a specific example of how the Team exceeded your expectations.
  • Feel free to mention a specific team member whose service was outstanding.
  • Your testimonial need not be in perfect prose—from the gut and off the cuff will come across as genuine.
  • VALID OPTION: Ignore all of the above and convey whatever you wish to convey, however you wish to convey it. We greatly appreciate your willingness to help us out!

You will need to have or create an account on Yelp and/or Zillow in order to post a review. If you currently have an account please click choose from the links below to begin writing a review. If you do not have an account, please jump down to “Creating an Account”.


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Creating an Account

Click the appropriate link below and follow the account setup instructions. Once you have completed the sign-up, please return to this email and click on the appropriate link above to find our pages.

Creating a Yelp Account
Click on the link and follow registration instructions.

Creating a Zillow Account
Click on the link, go to top right and click “Sign In”. A window should appear; click “New Account” and continue to follow registration instructions.

Once again, we truly appreciate your time and generosity. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call us at 617.861.3636.


Warm regards,


Steven and The Team